24 Commits (dev)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Djan bcdf2263ee adding bobagreprenamer 1 month ago
Djan 1cee71cc73 adding bobagencachedirfile 6 months ago
Djan 18015500a1 typo in readme 7 months ago
Djan 898caa14b5 adding Dependencies to readme 7 months ago
Djan 303917b56d adding bobastats 9 months ago
Djan 12f02051c7 simplifying TestBorgRepo 10 months ago
Djan 84cfd59231 escaping variables 10 months ago
Djan d5a7055f85 first version of bobaextractallfiles 1 year ago
Djan 8cd2cf06c9 adding --list to delete functions as -v is depreciated (will be removed
in a future version)
1 year ago
Djan 36468bc88f adding index functions
- bobaindexgeneratelist
- bobaindexsearch
- bobaindexumount
1 year ago
Djan df298d0542 updated help in english and french 2 years ago
Djan 7e1bb2a73e adding bobapassphrase to set passphrase for repos
passphrase is deleted from memory when terminal is closed
deleting "BORG_PASSPHRASE" from bobadeleter,bobagrepdeleter,bobarenamer
2 years ago
Djan 5922c491a4 bobadeleter ; adding quotes to archives names 2 years ago
Djan b65297c8fa changing the of bobadeleter works
all archive are now concatened in a single line, allowing user to see
the progress via borg internal engine
2 years ago
Djan 9e47583883 adding 2 functions : bobalstimes and bobainfotail
bobalstimes : list all archives with time creation
bobainfotail : list infos about the 5 last archives
2 years ago
Djan 9e5f5f8469 uniformed filters. All filters called by positional argument 2 years ago
Djan b60d8f85c1 Added readme 2 years ago
Djan 894269ec77 add 'export' before BORG_PASSPHRASE 2 years ago
Djan f06458f1a0 delimiter for groups
reorganization of functions
2 years ago
Djan 82b68d3421 adding help functions EN and FR
adding alias bobaman
- bobaman
- bobaaide
- bobahelp
2 years ago
Djan 72e9716743 adding bobarenamer 2 years ago
Djan ab2410f7bc adding bobadeleter 2 years ago
Djan 760c755111 adding bobasearchinarchive 2 years ago
Djan 6aadaaff7b inital dev version
functions or alias defined
- bobainfo
- bobadel
- bobadelast
- bobals
- bobaini
- bobaininoenc
- boback
- bobamount
- bobamountlast
- bobainflastsave
- bobainfoall
- bobainfoalljson
2 years ago